Why Choose Mobile Grooming

Over 25 Years of Grooming Experience

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My passion for animals began at a very young age.  For as long as I remember I have had several pets in my household at any given time.  As an only child my pets were my siblings and my best friends.  I would spend hours dressing them up, brushing and styling their hair and even painting their nails.  As I grew older, this care extended to family and friends and has been something I have loved to do as a hobby right up to this point in my life.  

I needed to make a career change a number of years ago and decided that it was time to do what I have always wanted to do...work with animals.

I now have a certification in Pet Hygiene and Pet Grooming.  These certifications have complemented my 25 years of experience in so many ways and I am excited to bring my knowledge and expertise to you and your furbabies.

There's No Place like Home

Working with animals all my life I have learned something very important that we as humans often over look.  The statement "There is no place like home" rings true more for our pets than us humans. Their home is their safe haven, their security and place of love.  Take that away along with their owners and they can become very anxious and stressed.  So I decided to bring the salon to them instead while also making it very convenient on their owners.

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Pet Pro

Wag n'Tails

Manufactured Pet Grooming Salon

Wag n' Tails is the world leader in mobile pet service vehicles. This van contains state-of-the art grooming equipment which streamlines the grooming process.  There is both a hydro massage and deluxe sudsier bathing system.  This salon offers a quiet, calm, stress free environment for your pet.  While providing convenience and piece of mind to the owners.

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Pet First Aid Certified

My commitment to my clients is very important to me and I want to provide peace of mind when I have their beloved pet in my care. Therefore, I have trained with St. John Ambulance in Pet First Aid and CPR.  I am continuing my education in Pet Nutrition & Wellness and want to extend my knowledge in maintaining pet's health to my clients.  

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