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Home Grooming Tips & Tricks from the Pros

Grooming is about maintaining both your pet's physical health and appearance. 

For example, regular brushing removes dead hair, dirt & dandruff. Leaving your pet's hair shining and their skin feeling relief.


Read below for some handy home grooming tips & tricks.  


Bath Prep Time

Before getting your pets coat wet, thoroughly brush out all tangles and mats.  If these mats get wet, they will turn into felt and you will have to cut them out.  Medium to long haired pets may need special tools such as a slicker brush or undercoat rake.   


Bath Time

Do not fill the tub with water, you do not want your pet wading in dirty water.  Instead use a hose attachment to wet your pet all over except their head.  You should try not to get water in your pets' eyes, ears or nose.  Some pets experience issues (like ear infections) when water gets in these places.  You can also use a plastic cup if you do not have a hose attachment. 


Scrub Time

Start by applying a small amount of shampoo at the neck and work your way down.  Work each area into a lather, massaging into the coat and skin.  Be careful of the face, avoiding the eyes, mouth and inside ears.  Massage into the hair for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly making sure all soap is out of the coat.  I like to use a plastic cup when rinsing as it is easier to control. 


Dry Time

Towel dry your pet first getting most of the water off.  Then use a dryer (on low heat to avoid burning the skin) to finish the job.  While drying your pet, try to avoid using your hands as the oil from your skin will transfer to your pets coat.  Use a brush while drying as it will help the process go quicker and take out any tangles you may have missed in prep time.   


Ear Care

Clean ears are important to avoid infections, ear mites and other common problems.  Regular ear flushing should be done on pets with long droopy ears.  You can find ear cleaner at any local pet store.  Apply a few drops in each ear and massage the outside canal for a minute or two.  Take a cotton ball and gently clean the outer part of the ear until cotton ball is clean. 


Nail Care

Most pet owners dread trimming pets nails.  Let's face it, so does your pet.  However, it is very important to keep all pets nails trimmed for many reasons, most importantly health.  

A must have for all pet owners who do trim their pet's nails is a bottle of Styptic Powder.  If you happen to cut the nail too short and it bleeds, this product will help stop the bleeding while disinfecting the area as well.

First inspect the nail for the quick, for darker nails look underneath the nail for a better view.  Cut just before the quick and use a file to smooth edges.


teeth brushing.jpg

Teeth Cleaning

A clean mouth is an important part your pet's health. Brushing your pet's teeth on a regular basis will help prevent dental disease.  You can find pet toothbrushes and toothpaste at any local pet store.  

Apply a small amount of toothpaste to the brush and gently brush your pet's teeth, getting as close to the gum line as possible.  You might want to do this in two steps as brushing your pet's whole mouth might be a bit much on your pet.  Try brushing the top or bottom the first time and then the opposite on the next brushing.  There is no need to have your pet rinse as it is safe to digest.



Stay Tuned for more home grooming tips!

Pawsitively Pampered is dedicated to helping all pets and their well being.  Stay tuned for regular tips and tricks from the grooming pros!

Coming soon - Face Trim Tips in between regular grooms.


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